Did Oswalt throw at Carlos Lee?


In the fifth inning of last night’s game Carlos Lee hit a pop fly to left-field against former teammate Roy Oswalt. When the ball came off the bat I dejectedly muttered a random obscenity. Oh, wait a second, this is Minute Maid Park! Lo and behold the ball found it’s way into the Crawford Boxes for a two-run homer. My disgust quickly turned to delight. I suppose the opposite was true for Oswalt. But you would think Roy would be used to giving up pop fly homers to left, having pitched in MMP for ten years.

Lee’s homer gave the Astros a 4-1 lead. Oswalt had not pitched great, but he hadn’t pitched badly either. Those of us who are familiar with Roy know that he can get a little hot under the collar when things aren’t going his way. In Lee’s next at-bat Oswalt came up and in with a fastball, striking El Caballo on the left hand. As Carlos dropped his bat, jumped up and down, and waved his left hand back and forth like a salon patron attempting to dry her nails I immediately had flashbacks of 2008 when Lee missed the last month-and-a-half of the season with a broken pinky. To add insult to injury Oswalt began protesting that the ball had missed Lee’s hand and had instead made contact with the bat. Now I was really pissed! Oswalt showed no remorse- he must have thrown at Lee intentionally. Sore loser alert! I was once a big fan of Roy. But this was the last straw for me. It was bad enough that he publicly asked to be traded last year and pretty much burned every bridge on his way out of town. Sorry Roy but I have officially unfollowed you on twitter. Take that!

The Astros had the last laugh, handing Oswalt his ninth defeat of the season. Fortunately Carlos was not seriously hurt. He stayed in the game and is back in the starting lineup tonight against Cole Hamels. The Astros cannot afford to lose the one bat in their lineup that opposing pitchers still fear. J.A. Happ gets the start for Houston tonight. Will he be asked to  retaliate against his former team?

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  • Stroscrow

    I was somewhat surprised that incident wasn’t talked about more than what it was. Its tough to say if Roy threw at him or not. The thought definitely crossed my mind as soon as it happened, but then when he was arguing that it was a foul I thought maybe not. I was a big Wizard fan also, but I just really hated the way be handcuffed Ed Wade at the deadline. I think if Roy’s wishes remained behind closed doors, then with the way the Rangers overpaid for a half season rental for Cliff Lee that Roy O was the next hottest commodity on the market and he should have yielded at least a top 50 prospect, or two top 100 prospects. I was hopeful that Wade found diamonds in the rough with Happ and Wallace, but its looking bleaker by the day. At least Happ had a good outing tonight against his former team.

  • PatrickBateman1981

    Maybe Oswalt threw at him knowing he was part of the reason that the Astros went from being a World Series team to a bunch of bums. Carlos Lee, earlier in his career, hit 30 homeruns often while driving in 105 to 119 RBI. After getting the Astros to pay this piece of lard, a real slob of a man who wouldn’t know fitness or how to keep in moderate baseball shape, signed a 6 year 100 million dollar deal which at the time was Houston’s biggest(and I’m sure it still is.) The guy now doesn’t even hit 20 homeruns, and instead of hitting .300 he hits .248 or .279. He was the biggest mistake that Houston’s management made. He was and is still paid like a superstar while only being a 3 time all-star, and having been part of one post season team(the 2000 White Sox.) He was young, but went 1 for 11, and they lost obviously. He was an up-and-coming star at the time, and actually performed in his first year with Houston. But since then, he’s now being paid 19 million a year to do sh!!!t.

    Look at the freaking Astros team, and how far they’ve fallen. They’re pathetic. And since his contract had a 4 year no-trade clause to start and a limited one to finish it, the team couldn’t even try to move him when they saw how fat and slow he was. The season before they signed him, he hit 37 homeruns, hit .300 and drove in 116 RBI. He even stole 19 bases, haha. Hasn’t even sniffed a top 10 MVP finish… his best finish was 17th in 2005. Glad Drayton liked watching him so much in Milwaukee that he OVERPAID for an obese 31 year old hitter.

  • astrosince1975

    Carlos has plenty of detractors, but he has contributed to this team more than people like to remember. Sure he is a bit overpaid at this point, but that could be said about plenty of players in the league. In his first three seasons with the Astros Lee hit .300 or better with at least 100 RBIs. Then he had a bad year. It happens. But Lee was solely responsible for several wins last season and was one of the reasons the team had an excellent August, driving in 25 runs for the month. And how many games would the team lose this year without Carlos? Since moving to 1B he has become a plus defender, and the stats will bear that out.