I've seen and heard enough of Bill Hall

I was critical of the Bill Hall signing from the moment it happened. Now I’m just plain fed up with the guy. Hall wasn’t in the starting lineup for one game last week and felt compelled to start running his mouth. Hall said, “Sometimes, you’re going to get a day off because you’re not swinging the bat well or you’ve got to work on something to swing the bat better.  I’m swinging the bat well and finding the barrel. Everything is where it’s supposed to be, so I really have nothing to work on today.” Really? I think the eighteen strikeouts in 56 plate appearances would suggest otherwise. The .565 OPS  leaves room for improvement as well. Apparently Hall is happy with these numbers. Or is it the $3 million figure (Hall’s salary for 2011) that is making him so content. The best ballplayers are the ones that continue to hone their craft even when things ARE going well for them. Those that make comments like the ones Hall has made usually don’t last long in Houston.

This isn’t the first time that Hall has opened his big mouth either. Remember the spring training game when Hall took exception to high and tight fastball from Cole Hamels? The Phillies lefty shrugged it off and told reporters Hall was a “good guy.” But Chewy couldn’t let it rest.  The Astros second sacker was later quoted as saying, “He’s definitely a marked man for me now, so when I do some damage off him, I’m going to let him know I did some damage off him. I can guarantee that. … If you disrespect me, I’m going to do my best to disrespect you back. Obviously not in a way to disrespect the game, but obviously I’m going to let him know when I face him.” 

Hopefully Hall will be wearing a different colored uniform the next time he gets to face Hamels. The Mets and Twins are both in need of a second baseman. When Jeff Keppinger and Clint Barmes come off the disabled list the Astros will have way too many middle infielders. Bill Hall’s days as an Astro should be numbered. I see no reason for keeping a player like him on this team.

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  • barry

    you sound like a bandwagon person. you hit the people while they are down and then when they are doing well you are say that they were the signing.

    • http://greg-thurston.blogspot.com Greg Thurston

      Check my post from Feb. 22 Barry. Like I said, I didn’t like the Hall signing to begin with.

  • Raymond

    Just what about this statement makes him a bandwagon fan? I think Barry’s real name is “Bill” LOL. Either that or chairman of his very small fan club.

    I’m with Greg – Hall is a waste. They say he was “well recommended” by Terry Francona but if he was really that great Terry would’ve wanted to keep him. It’s not like Boston couldn’t afford it. The way Downs and Sanchez are hitting and Manzella has been solid so far at AAA and Keppinger will be back soon he is expendable.

    The Houston Astros have always been a team known for class and Hall has none. Cut him loose.

    • Trevor Harris

      I think that Hall’s signing was a quandary with which to begin. Keppinger had a great 2010, and he has shown that when he can start (in Houston and Cincinnati), he can produce. Hall was supposed to be an offensive “up-grade”, but in reality he was just another washed up veteran. Hall is striking out at a historic rate this year, but has hit the ball well on occasion. I would not be surprised to see him stay in the lineup for trade purposes only.

    • http://greg-thurston.blogspot.com Greg Thurston

      Thanks for the comment Raymond. It looks like I’m batting .500 so far with this post. If only Hall could get his average to half of that.

      • Trevor Harris

        Gave me a good laugh there, Greg.

  • Jack Dempsey

    This guy is a clown. He can’t play a lick. You talk with your bat and glove, Billy Boy. And right now you are mute.

  • twillie

    Yes Hall looked bad with the Cole Hamels incident and Hamels handled it the right way. I’m more concerned with what value Hall possesses to this club. Is he the missing link that will propel the Astros into the playoffs, probably not. But does he still possess value to this club if for not other reason than what could net in a trade. The key to this season is to continue to progress for the future, and if Hall could net a prospect or too then that is a step in the right direction. I didn’t mind the Pedro Feliz signing simply because of the fact that we got David Carpenter in return. Carpenter is a high velocity reliever that has been serving as the closer for Corpus and has yet to give up a run this year. Does Hall possess more value than Feliz, probably so.

    Another problem with letting Hall go is that the replacement options are not leaps and bounds better. Keppinger will probably hit for a higher average, but advanced statistics will tell you that is wins above replacement, (WAR – which is used to calculate salary), is only that of a replacement level player. Basically everything he does on offense is negated by his defense and lack of range at second. I have noticed that this site places too high of a value on average and does not weigh defense with enough importance.

    Angel Sanchez is a prime example of this, and could also be considered one of the replacements if the Astros move Hall. Sanchez has hit for average so far, but carried a batting average on balls in play (BABIP) of .438 which is crazy. The average BABIP is .300 to .320 which means that Sanchez has basically been getting lucky. He is already starting his regression at the plate, and someone mentioned that Hall is striking out at an historic rate, well Sanchez is committing errors at an historic rate. He is not a major league shortstop, and should be a utility player, and is definitely not the answer at second base.

    The best option for the Astros is that Hall starts hitting, and the Astros can get something of value in return, because the future is more important than this season. Speaking of this season, maybe the Astros should use it to see what they have in Matt Downs. He is the only potential replacement that could possbily be an everyday player at the major league level. At some point the Astros need to find out what they have in him, maybe that’s when/if Hall is traded.

    Sorry so long.

    • Trevor Harris

      Great read, Twillie. You bring up some great points, and I just hope we get a Carpenter in return for Hall. Come back and write more some time. You have great input.

    • http://greg-thurston.blogspot.com Greg Thurston

      Thanks for the comment, Twillie. I would agree with almost every point you make. However, I wouldn’t say Sanchez has been “lucky.” I believe that players like Sanchez and Keppinger are more valuable (offensively) than a player like Hall simply because they are able to put the ball in play in a very high percentace of their plate appearances. Put it in play and good things will happen. Rarely does a player reach base or advance a runner with a strikeout. I would be interested in seeing the statistical data that proves Hall has more range at 2B than Sanchez or Kepp. I watch all of the games and I am not impressed with Hall’s defense. Carlos would have two more outfield assists if Hall was more aggresive with the tags at second. He tends to ole it a bit. Sanchez is below average at SS, but not terrible. Plus he is the best we have until Barmes is healthy. I will take Angel’s offense over Manzella’s defense any time. Tommy just can’t hit big league pitching and that’s why he’s in the minors.