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Every Sunday during the season I will be selecting an Astros player as my “Star Performer of the Week.” Since the season started on a Friday, I decided to skip the first Sunday and use the first nine games to determine the inaugural honoree. Although raw stats will play a part in my decision they will not be the only factor. I will be looking for the player who makes the biggest contribution in games the Astros win, and does everything he can to give the Astros a chance in the games that don’t go their way.

Since the team got off to such a rough start, winning only two of the first nine games, not many players were in the running. In fact this was pretty much a two horse race. Brett Myers came up with a gutsy performance on opening day and should have earned a victory. Myers came back on Thursday with another fine performance paving the way to the team’s first win of the season. The ace of the staff deserves mentioning but will have to wait until next week (he will start Tues. & Sun.) to try and claim the trophy.

And the winner is….. Angel Sanchez! Number 36 has taken full advantage of the opportunity while filling in for the injured Clint Barmes. Sanchez had two hits against Roy Halladay in the opener, scored three runs against Cliff Lee the next day, and his consistent play has kept him in the number two spot in the batting order. Sanchez had three hits in today’s big win against the Marlins to raise his average to .364. He has a .421 OBP, 7 runs scored, and 4 RBI. Not bad for a guy who was considered not good enough to start. Angel, we here at Climbing Tal’s Hill salute you. Keep up the good work and continue to prove that you belong in the lineup even when everyone is healthy.

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  • Trevor Harris

    Worthy recipient for sure! Angel is making Clint Barmes wonder if he is going to have a job when he comes back from injury. Keep in mind that Sanchez also had a hot finish to the 2010 campaign with these Astros.

  • vida311

    the Angel is wrecking shop! he was a pleasant surprise last season, and now he’s picking up where he left off. The more impressive stat is that he is batting .300 when he’s behind in the count. I know its only a few games into the season, but he is showing patience at the plate. Plus you mentioned his success against these cy-young caliber pitchers.

    I’ve only been able to watch a few games. Hows his defense?

    • Greg Thurston

      I was at the game on Friday and Sanchez looked outstanding on defense. He has played well thus far in my opinion. Many people say he doesn’t have a strong enough arm to be an every day SS. I tend to disagree. Last season Sanchez was coming off shoulder surgery and was still building his armstrength. He appears to be all the way back now. The thing I like most about Sanchez is his ability to consistently put the ball in play. His approach at the plate seems to be “put it in play and good things will happen.” How many other guys do you see up at the plate swinging as hard as they can and striking out 150 times a season?

  • Brandon Croce

    Angel has played great so far this season, if he continues to play like this it will be hard to take Sanchez out of the lineup.

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