Chapman's Kryptonite

The Houston Astro’s magic number is now at 5! That’s the lowest it has been since the first week of the season. And it’s all because the Stros just proved to Cincinnati and all baseball fans that they are in fact Aroldis Chapman’s kryptonite. The rookie phenom, and thanks to the Strasburg tragedy, the most exciting arm in the game had gone 7.2 innings and racked up 11 strikeouts without allowing a run this year. But Houston put 2 up on the scoreboard on Chapman’s watch without getting any outs. Then the Killer L’s came in and you know what that means… over. L for Lockdown, bro! Houston beat the Reds 5-3 for their 4th win in 5 games and haven’t lost a series in 3 weeks. I have no idea where all these wins are coming from but I’m not complaining. This September has been a hell of a ride, Houston. Keep it up!

Figueroa takes on Bronson Arroyo tomorrow night.

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